Starting off

Every few years I start a new project.

My husband tells me that each time I sink my teeth into a new project, I become a workaholic. It doesn't seem that way to me at all. I am just curious. Every project is different, and I like to understand how things work, so I immerse myself. The research fuels my excitement for each new venture.

As I reflect on my many projects and various career twists and turns, I am struck by how little remains of that work. Websites and sweated-over logos are long gone. Current build environments no longer support early software product offerings. Old colleagues and peers have moved on as well. They’re spread all over the world in new positions at new companies. In fact, only one of my projects has attained immortality. It is still possible to purchase Harvard Business School Case Study #N9-800-351, The Intel 64 Fund.

In re-reading the HBS Intel 64 Fund Case Study, memories flood back – not unlike those triggered by looking at pictures in a baby album. I find myself wishing I had jumped on the first wave of blogging so I could read about the creation of these old projects and gain insight about my thinking during that frenzied time when I began my first startup.

Partially out of a sense of frustrated nostalgia and partially because each new deal is an adventure and I want to record it, I have decided to start a blog. As I embark on my newest project in advanced manufacturing. I want to document my thinking, the evolution of the market around me, and the enterprise itself. My work with Stanley Black and Decker is about helping to digitize manufacturing. I hope my efforts can help make Industry 4.0 less hype and more reality.

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